a little about me

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Hey , so if you are reading this you took the time to come read my blog and I’m forever thankful. I felt led to start blogging and sharing our life. I strongly feel I can encourage and inspire others. If you have ever lost your self whether it be from an illness,postpartum,anxiety,weight issues.I can relate and will be sharing my story. I have recently been diagnosed with celiac disease. I want to share with others in hopes to bring more awareness of celiac disease. I will be sharing our new lifestyle, being gluten free and healthy. I strongly believe food is medicine and that has been true for me with celiacs . Lets not leave out my wonderful family. I hope to encourage other parents. This parenting world is hard and we all need support. Last but not least I will be sharing my love for God, he has blessed me in so many ways. Here’s a little info about me.. I’m happily married with 4 children,3 boys and 1 girl. we live in orange beach AL . I love the beach, one degree cacao crispies is my favorite gluten free food, I am a perfectionist , a little ocd maybe , love to cook, love decorating and creating things.I love to talk , actually I’m a big talker. I don’t like to text and rarely check my text messages.I feel more connected on the phone and feel we are better understood over the phone.I am a private person, I don’t tell people my personal business not even those close to me. This blog is a little out of character for me but hey there is a first time for everything right? I am very strong willed , I have dealt with quite a bit in my life time and have learned some amazing life lessons along the way. Everyday is what you make it, there are no perfect days but there are perfect moments. Everybody needs prayer , grace, forgiveness, humility, and LOVE.

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